www.mcafee.com/activate total protection

www.mcafee.com/activate total protection

How to make use of McAfee Activate Key

When it comes to protecting your devices like laptop, mobile, computer, etc. from virus, you would definitely want to go for an antivirus program that is reliable and provides 100 % protection to your device(s). McAfee is one such antivirus that provides safe online browsing as well as protects all the data in your device. Gone are the days when antivirus used to serve as simple software that protected your computer against viruses, now its features have been enhanced. Depending upon the requirements of individual customers, it provides features like:

  • True-key password manager
  • Parental control feature
  • Mobile application protection
  • Single subscription is enough to cater to all the security needs of multiple devices
  • Any online threat is blocked on its own
  • Shields our devices

Follow the steps below before you get started with McAfee Activation.

* Remove all the unwanted and conflicting programs from your computer.
* Update your operating system to the latest updates and make sure the updates are installing successfully.
* Clean up the junk files and temporary files from your computer operating system.
* Check your system configuration is meet the minimum system requirements.


Mcafee Setup Process With Product Key:

The user needs to sign in to Mcafee as mentioned over there and follow some simple steps.

First of all, the user have to go to www.Mcafee.com/activate.

In case the user just isn’t signed in, they will be sent to the sign in page.

There with the utilization of user name and password, the signal in procedure will be finished.

In case the user is new to Mcafee set up, he or she may have to finish the register procedure first.

Also, various options are there for different browsers.

This way the Mcafee Antivirus is installed and activated.

Steps to Download and Install the www.mcafee.com/activate product:


To download McAfee activate online internet connection is very much required.

if you do not have an internet connection or the internet speed is very slow then you can download McAfee activate by using a CD or DVD.

If purchased McAfee Online:

Visit home.mcafee.com and sign in to your McAfee account, if already have one.

first of all,If McAfee account does not exist already then visit www.McAfee.com/Activate.

Enter your email address and 25 digit McAfee Activate code which you get a mail to your registered email address.

Click Submit or You may also sign in with your facebook or google account.

Now enter your email and password to sign in.

Click Agree & Install, when prompted.

Now you need to enter your billing details for future purchase or renewal but you can skip this and do this later.

Click Install on PC to start the download.

Now Run the McAfee Activation File, either the download is finished and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Enter McAfee Product key again, If required.

Congratulations you have successfully installed your McAfee product.

If purchased McAfee offline from a retail store:

Visit mcafeestore.com and register your McAfee Product.

Click My Account and sign in to your McAfee account, if exist.

If the account do not exist then create a new account using your registered email and password.

Now register your product by entering your McAfee product key.

McAfee product key can be found on the back side of the purchased McAfee retail card.

Scratch the McAfee retail card and enter the 25 digit McAfee product key in the required field then click submit.

Visit www.McAfee.com/Activate and sign in to your McAfee account.

Click install to start the download.

Enter your email id and address to sign in again if prompted.

Now follow the on-screen instructions to complete the McAfee installation process.

Click finish or close and you can now start using your McAfee product.


Still having issues with your McAfee Activate and installation? Don’t worry we are here to help you 

How can we help you with McAfee Activation and Installation Online?

  • While redeem your McAfee Retail Card product may be not correctly
  • Check system compatibility and required software.
  • To login to your account or with restoring old account
  • Diagnose your operating system for better speed and optimization
  • Additionally cleanup all the conflicting software’s may be along with junk files in your PC
  • We can install all the required and important updates of your OS


www.mcafee.com/activate total protection


All the antivirus software is different and has a different setup method depending on the device. This can be difficult for users who are not that tech-savvy.


that’s why you can contact the experienced McAfee Antivirus Support specialists to get the best support for making the installation procedure.


We are a reputed and skilled McAfee antivirus technical support provider to offer support related to each and every procedure including McAfee Activation from mcafee.com/activate


McAfee Antivirus software is a must these days to control the several Virus and risky attacks covering hacking and illegal access. These are the software protection against any virus or malware attack. The users who are not more technical might get worried about how to retain the best settings to hold their McAfee antivirus software running and the device defended. Our specialists of the McAfee Antivirus Technical Support have a list of resolutions that you might suffer from your McAfee antivirus software.

We Will Protects your sensitive files

We protect your sensitive files across all IOS devices, OS Devices, Android Devices by encrypting them, controlling access to them and providing an audit trail for all changes to your files.


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