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Get Best Printing Service with HP Printer


HP Printer is the best Printer in the market with low running cost and high-quality data. If you are dealing with any issue in your HP Printer, you can contact us. We are available here 24*7 to provide you the best HP Technical Support.


About HP Printer 

HP Inc. (also known simply as HP and stylized as hp) is an American technology company.


It was formed on November 1, 2015, renamed from the personal computer and printer divisions of the original Hewlett-Packard Company, with its enterprise products and services businesses becoming Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The split was structured so that Hewlett-Packard changed its name to HP Inc. and spun off Hewlett Packard Enterprise as a new publicly traded company. HP Inc. retains Hewlett-Packard's pre-2015 stock price history and its former stock ticker symbol, HPQ, while Hewlett Packard Enterprise trades under its own symbol. to read out complete click here 


Why To Choose HP Printer ?


HP is a well-renowned American Multinational Information Technology company known for providing highly advanced tech products including both software and hardware. It offers a wide selection of laptops, notebooks, desktops, tablets, storage devices, peripheral devices and printers. All these products highly appreciated for their superior performance and reasonable price. Just like its product range, HP support is also something customers are extremely satisfied with.Our concern is to make sure that your business never suffers due to a non-functional or a faulty HP printer, and our highly efficient team at HP printer support makes sure of complete productivity for you.

Higher Print Speed


HP Printer is well known as highet speed provider for Home & Home Office users.

Affordable Prices


Print all your quality photos and documents you need with HP Printer which has lowest-priced ink cartridges.

Quick and easy running


Ensure reliable printing with an HP all-in-one print cartridge which provides very fast and very quick in service for printing.

Lower Running Cost


HP printer provides the high-quality data with very low running cost.

Energy Saving


Conserve the energy with Auto-Off Technology and directly saves the Energy. It is very reliable and energy saving printer.

Wireless Printing


Print from anywhere in the office or home and share on a network, using built-in wireless and Ethernet.

Environmental Impact


Conserve resources, Conserve energy and Get free and easy recycling with HP Printer.

Easy mobile printing


Connect your Smartphone or tablet directly to your printer-and easily print without accessing a network.

Step 1:

Make sure the printer is close to your computer. Most printers come with relatively short USB-to-printer cables that allow you to connect your printer to your PC for direct communication between the printer and your computer. To attach this cable, your printer and computer must be close to each other.



Step 2:

Turn the Computer and Printer on,take the USB cord that is attached to printer and plugin in to appropriate  port on the computer.


Hp Printer cable

Step 3:

Press “Windows key + R” type on Run box “Control Printers” that will open Devices and Printers.


Step 4:

Make a click on “Add a Printer” When you see “Welcome to the add printer wizard,” hit “Next.”


Step 5:

Click “Automatically detect and install plug and play printer” on the add printer wizard page. Click “Next.”

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Step 6: Installing the printer will begin if the network can automatically detect it. Otherwise, the message unable to detect will pop up and you will be prompted to install the printer manually. Click “Next.”

Step 7: Select printer port. Use the recommended port for best set up options. Click “Next.” Pick manufacturer and printer. Click “Next.”

Step 8: Type a name or confirm name if it appears in the box and set printer as default printer if wish. Click “Next.”

Step 9: Print a test page to be sure printer is set up and online. Click “Next.”

Step 10: Receive a successful completion of installation of printer message. Click “Finish.

Get Best HP Printer Support Follow below steps to Install HP Printer

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For HP printers also, the users have got a number of choices to select from. All these printers are appreciated for HD prints and excellent performance in both colored and black & white printing. A number of printers offered by this trusted tech giants include the following:

Home & Home Office- HP ENVY 4520 All-in-One Printer, HP Sprocket Photo Printer and more

Business- HP A3 MFPs

SPRocket- HP SPRocket 2-in-1, HP SPRocket Plus Printer, HP SPRocket Photo Printer and more

Multifunction- HP OfficeJet 4650 All-in-One Printer and more

Scanners- HP Digital Sender Flow 8500 fn1 Document Capture Workstation, HP ScanJet Pro 3500 f1 Flatbed Scanner and more

3D Print- HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution and more

Large Format & Digital Presses- HP Latex printers, HP DesignJet printers and more


While using these any of the aforementioned printers, a user may find several issues that can be fixed manually or need HP printer support from a certified technician. The errors you may want HP printer support for are:

HP printer paper jamming issue

HP printer driver installation error

HP printer network connectivity errors

HP printer printing issues

HP printer spooling issues

HP printer ghosting errors

HP printer error code 79

HP printer error code 504 and more

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Available 24*7 HP printer Services Instantly


Therefore, it is just a simple and easy procedure to call us on the HP Printer Phone Number for all HP printer solutions. As our team is available 24/7 all the 365 days, the possibility of the printer remaining inactive for a prolonged period of time is never going to happen. Calling on the HP printer issue support number is one of the best ways to ensure that contact is made speedily, promptly and is real-time as the user gets to talk to the support staff to explain the problem. We also have other methods of contact which includes an email ID that is provided on all the pages of this website, besides the Contact Us page. We provide to our customers:-

We are available 24*7 times for you customers

Available solution for any kind of issue related to HP Printer

Will provide you step by step solution for your hassle

Remote assistance is available for customers

Highly expertise technicians for users

Complete troubleshooting

Effective and affordable service


So what are you waiting for? Call us and make use of our highly advanced and competent skills of our technicians along with their prompt actions with solutions offered for all types of HP Pinter issues to ensure a fast and uninterrupted printing experience.



HP printer paper jamming issue

The paper jamming issue is a commonly faced problem by the HP printing machine users. This issue has been faced due to quite a lot of reasons. Understanding the reasons is important and then possible troubleshooting measures have to be carried out. When you follow proper troubleshooting measures, you shall be able to resolve the error with ease. Furthermore, there are some tips that one should follow to avoid this issue in future. For HP Printer Paper Jam Issues, solutions are discussed in the following section of this article.

HP LaserJet Printers, HP Inkjet Printer, HP ENVY 4520 All-in-One Printer, HP LaserJet Pro M402n, HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 All-in-One Printer, Multipurpose Paper for Inkjet and Laser ink, toner & paper

Solution for Desktop Inkjet Printer

If you are using the desktop inkjet printer, you should follow the steps as provided below in the following section to resolve HP Printer Paper Jam Issues.

Step 1: At first, you need to turn off the printer. For that switch off power and then remove power plug.

Step 2: Now, you have to open the cover lid of your printer. For opening the front lid, you need to follow instructions on printing manual. Different printing devices from HP come with different designs. As a result, the opening front lid could be different methods for different models.

Step 3: You need to check where the paper is stuck inside. Once you have located it, you should slowly remove it. Grasp it firmly and then pull gently. Do not put too much force as inside delicate parts of the printer could be damaged.

Step 4: If the paper is not removed completely, you have to gently remove print head. Once again, different models come with different systems for opening print head. Following manual of your printer model is important when it comes to removing printer head. Once it is removed, the remaining part of paper can be removed easily.

Step 5: When paper gets jammed near to print head, it implies that dust related issues may have caused paper jamming. Thus, you should clean print head with a dry cloth. Remove dust from it carefully and then reattach to the device.

Step 6: Now, you have to check output tray. Remove it and then clean it properly and finally attach it perfectly.

Step 7: Now, you have to close the front lid of your printing device. Now, keep printing your documents, as usual, you do.

Step 8: If you face paper jamming issue persistently, you should call experts or service centre for HP to resolve HP Printer Paper Jam Issues.

The solution for Laser Printer from HP

In order to resolve HP Printer Paper Jam Issues, you should follow the steps as described below.

Step 1: Similar to mentioned above for inkjet printer, you need to turn off your laser printing device from HP. Once you have done that, you must remove power cable cord from switchboard of your house.

Step 2: Now, you have to open the front lid of your printer and this is the primary step to resolve all HP Printer Paper Jam Issues.

Step 3: Once front lid or cover lid has been opened up, the interior of your printer will be exposed. Here, you will find the paper which is stuck inside. Pull it out gently and find carefully if there is any remaining portion or not.

Step 4: You may have to pull out printer cartridge if jammed paper portion cannot be seen. Under cartridge, you shall be able to find the stuck paper. Pull it out carefully.

Step 5: Now, at this stage, you should inspect the reason behind HP Printer Paper Jam Issues. Basically, there could be many reasons. Input tray may not be fixed properly. You may find that output tray is not also attached perfectly. There could be a problem with the positioning of cartridges or other delicate parts of the printer.

Step 6: The most important thing is to check the rollers. If they are partially damaged or jammed due to dust, the paper jamming problem can be experienced quite frequently. So, you must inspect it carefully. Take a dry piece of cloth to remove dust from rollers.

Step 7: If you find that rollers are damaged partially or completely, you need to call a repair person for replacing it so that HP Printer Paper Jam Issues can be resolved.

Step 8: Reattach all parts of your printer and cover it with front lid. Plug in your device and then start printing documents.

To learn more about HP Printer Paper Jam Issues, you need to call experts at the technical support centre for HP printer.

HP LaserJet Printers, HP Inkjet Printer, HP ENVY 4520 All-in-One Printer, HP LaserJet Pro M402n, HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 All-in-One Printer, Multipurpose Paper for Inkjet and Laser ink, toner & paper


HP printer driver installation error

HP printer driver packages include a lot of additional software, and not only the actual driver. This enables printer troubleshooting and offers additional printing functionality that is beyond the default Windows functions. As a result, the installation of HP printer driver software is a little more extensive and complex than other average drivers. Some HP printer driver installation packages are in the hundreds of megabytes!

The problem we are addressing here is when the installation of an HP printer driver fails, resulting in error messages like “driver fatal install”, or “fatal error during installation”. Further error details can contain file names, error codes, or version mismatches.

How to Solve HP Printer Install Errors

In most cases, driver installation errors can be solved by simply reinstalling the software again, sometimes a reboot is required before attempting the installation again.But in the case of more complex software like HP printer software, a failed installation can cause all subsequent installation attempts to fail. The reason is that a failed installation can leave behind locked files, or registry information, which causes the next installation to fail.

HP printer network connectivity errors

Did you try restarting [device]?" is probably the most commonly asked question of all time from IT helpdesks, and for good reason. It's a simple action that can fix a wide range of problems, including ones with wireless printers. It gives code execution, including within routers, the chance to restart, while also killing any programs that may be leaking memory (Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome have been known to do so on Macs, for example). Whether your printer has worked on your network before or not, a restart should be your first step.

HP Wireless printers always work on Wi-Fi technology to attach and print documents. If Wi-Fi is not connected with wifi properly, It could be possible that you cannot connect and print from such kind of wireless printers. To configure the settings or remove the error, users must take HP Printer technical support from technical experts instantly.

HP printer printing issues

Printer is not printing from the expected paper tray
Look in two places to correct this particular error. First, look on the printing PC, and second, on the printer. If the application is set to print to the wrong paper tray, correct it within the application by clicking on Printer Properties and finding the Tray Selection source. On the printer, make sure that the paper sizes in the control panel match what is actually in the paper trays.

Printer picks up all the paper from the manual feed tray rather than one sheet
The pad that is responsible for separating the paper has likely worn out and needs to be replaced. You can order and install a new pad without sending the printer out for repair. It is also possible that the paper is wet due to humidity. Make sure the paper is properly stored and that it is “fanned” before putting it into the printer.

HP printer spooling issues

Restart the Printer spooler service to fix this issue 

In your computer, press windows Key + R  type the command “Services.msc” on the run dialog box for windows vista or higher windows operating systems.

Inside services, look for print spooler.

Once located, right click on it and click on restart.

You may also need to power cycle your printer after doing so, by turning it OFF and turning it ON again after 10 seconds of being OFF.

HP printer ghosting errors

How can fix ghosting errors?

If the drum unit is the cause of the ghosting, check to see that it has not reached the end of its useable life. If the drum unit is built in to the toner cartridge (like most HP toner cartridges), check to see if the toner cartridge needs to be replaced.

However, if the drum unit is either new or built in to a new toner cartridge, the drum unit is most likely faulty. Contact the place you purchased the toner cartridge from and ask them to replace the faulty cartridge.

If the ghosting is caused by the fuser unit, you’ll most likely have to take your printer to an authorised repair centre to get it serviced and have the fuser unit replaced. It could also be that your fuser unit is too hot. Check your user manual to see if you can adjust the temperature of your fuser unit.

HP printer error code 79

A 79 error can be the result of a problem with the network print server that services the printer. When troubleshooting a 79 error, first open the Printer folder from the Start menu on the Print server to make sure there are no jobs pending. A 79 error can also indicate a failure of a printer add-on component, such as an MIO card or a RAM module. All add-ons should be removed and then added back to the printer one by one to determine which module may be at fault.

HP printer error code 50.4 and more 

A 50.4 error message on some of the newer HP LaserJet printers indicates a problem with the power supply. If the printer is connected to a UPS, disconnect it, or disconnect it from a power strip and plug it directly into a wall outlet. A laser printer should never be plugged into a UPS, because the UPS can be damaged by the surges of power required by a printer to keep the fuser assembly warm. If that doesn’t work, make sure that all of the components in the printer are seated properly.

If you are still Experiencing any trouble with HP Printer or getting any other Error code feel free to contact our 24*7 Support Service Check Below. 

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